Simply put,  Interstitial is something that is placed between layers. Interstitial advertising are the Ads that  are placed between a YouTube, Vimeo, or a TV program.

With the increased necessity for online meetings,  companies are looking for ways to make their Zoom, WebEx, StreamYard, Skype or GoogleMeet compelling and interesting beyond the meeting.


Enter Interstitial Entertainment

.. or Live Virtual Entertainment. At some point(s) in the meeting,  Hosts are offering Digital live entertainment. Participants will view a 5-7-minute live performance ranging from a live musician performance, virtual interactive magic, virtual live comedy, live interactive trivia show or just about anything you can imagine.

Talent is briefed on your company name and bullet points with key participants and works those details  into the performance. There are even pre-recorded custom performances especially for your meeting. Which can include custom parodies


Bounce Music and Entertainment offers a variety of live online entertainment options to spice up your online meeting.