5.  You and I

By- John Legend
Our Favorite Lyrics- ‘All of the stars, you make them shine like they were ours // Ain’t nobody in the world but you and I’



4.  How Long Will I Love You

By- Ellie Goulding
Our Favorite Lyrics- ‘How long will I love you // As long as stars are above you // And longer if I can’



3. Lovesong

By- The Cure
Our Favorite Lyrics- ‘Whenever I’m alone with you // You make me feel like I am fun again // However far away // I will always love you // However long I stay // I will always love you // Whatever words I say // I will always love you’



2.  Take Me to Church (Instrumental)

By- Simply Three
Our Favorite Lyrics (although there is no lyrics in this version)– ‘My lover’s the sunlight // To keep the goddess on my side’




1.  Game of Thrones Theme Song

By- Ramin Djawadi
This song is completely instrumental so we don’t have a favorite lyric however, it’s still perfect for the Jon Snow and Ygritte’s of the world.