David Bowie: A True New York City Boy

It’s true, most people think of David Bowie as one of the UK’s greatest sensations, among the likes of The Beatles and Coldplay. But, here in New York City he’s just as much ours to miss following his untimely passing last week.

Since the early 1970s, Bowie was as much a fixture in NYC as the hot dog vendors on the corner. His performance of “Life on Mars?” at Carnegie Hall in 1972 was his proper debut in the Big Apple. And let us not forget his groundbreaking performance on Saturday Night Live in 1979 changed the game forever.

Most of his successes can be tied to Midtown (Radio City Music Hall, Broadway and 30 Rock to name a few) but Downtown is where his heart was; where he made a home and raised a family. After his passing, the sidewalk on Lafayette in Soho, the site of his apartment, was immediately adorned with letters, candles and flowers from local bodegas. What is more New York than that.